Listing Rules and Fees

General rules to adding all coins and tokens:

  • Clear project and detailed white paper.
  • Project must be not related to suspicious activities like gambling and porn.
  • Clear team profile.
  • Humane, community and women development related erc20 tokens are subject to free listing. Just present your case.
  • We may require a legal opinion regarding the project. In this case you will be contacted to further discuss the requirements.

Types of tokens and coins:

  1. Ethereum erc20 tokens:
    • Verified smart contract on
    • Listing fee is 2 BTC. Free at this stage.
    • Listing fee for Bitgo supported erc20 tokens is 1.5 BTC (25% OFF
    • 100% of payment required once the coin is approved.
    • The process takes from two to five days.
  2. Non-erc20 tokens and coins:
    1. Clear and detailed integration documentation.
    2. Listing fee is 3 BTC.
    3. 100% of payment required once the coin is approved.
    4. The process may take from 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the complication of the integration.
    5. Forked blockchains take less time if the original blockchain is already implemented.

Do not try to impress us, we like it simple.

If you are ready to submit a new coin listing please fill this form.