ICO Hosting Services

ICO Hosting Services

Stinex.net is open to host ICO’s for erc20 tokens.


  • White paper for the project.
  • Website with clear team profiles.
  • Projects are studied on one by one basis. Additional information will be required upon submitting the ICO application.

If ICO is accepted:

  • Fee for ICO hosting is 2 BTC, plus 1% of collected funds.
  • Send funds allocated to the ICO into your verified Stine account.
  • After ICO procedure is completed, activate the block explorer of your coin within 5 workdays.
  • The wallet for customers must be fully activated within 5 workdays after ICO us completed.
  • You should announce ICO opening and closing dates officially at the coin website and in any other official channels for your clients.
  • You have the right to request refunding in favor of your customers if ICO is considered to be unsuccessful or the coins were not sold out. You should make your claim no later than 1 workday before the ICO closes, so that we have enough time to proceed with refunding.
  • Customers will be able to withdraw the coins they purchased within 5 workdays after ICO closes.
  • You will be able to collect 30% of funds contributed for ICO in 2 workdays after ICO required minimum is reached even if the end time is not yet reached. The remaining 70% will be available at your disposal 30 calendar days after the end of ICO. This is the basic protection we can provide to secure the investors’ funds.
  • As soon as ICO is closed, the coin is available at the Exchange for trade without any restrictions.
  • ICO period should not be less than 7 calendar days and not more than 180 days.

Contact support through the online chat, or send an email to [email protected]


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