Frequently Asked Questions

Your account must be verified in order to receive new deposit addresses. You can verify it by adding your phone number in the profile page. Once it is added, you are set and ready to use the platform.
Please be aware that Ethereum and erc20 addresses may take few minutes to appear due to Etehreum’s way of assigning addresses.

Stinex uses Ethereum smart contracts to store user funds on the blockchain, facilitating the best of the two options into one easy to use platform. This is a very important topic and everyone should know what is this feature in Stinex which states to be the first CEX/DEX hybrid exchange in the world that introduces a centralized/decentralized environment together, hence ‘hybrid’. This feature puts Stinex on the top of all existing exchange technologies by making the traders’ dreams come true. This feature will be implemented after the first six months of operation, and is the first in the industry.

Yes, you MUST enable 2FA in order to withdraw funds from your account. Unprotected accounts will not be able to withdraw funds from the platform.

Many factors make Stinex different and a new way to do trading. It creates a bridge between the already open crypto market and the completely new world to this market, bringing together the financially developed regions with the financially neglected communities and countries. You can read more in this detailed article: What makes Stinex different?

Learn, ask, educate yourself and work hard until you understand the concepts. It is not difficult but just like any other thing: you must learn.

Contact support by opening a support ticket. You will be asked for various information to prove your ownership of the account, and then it will recovered.

Make sure that it is clear, scanned, and valid. We cannot accept unclear documents.
And you should read Stinex terms that state Stinex reserves the right to reject any account without giving the reasons.

Some countries and networks do not allow SMS messages of this type. Please contact support to receive your code. You can chat directly and quickly from the bottom of this page.

It is always advised that you use the same email for both Stinex platform and support.

Our multilingual support team makes the process easier and quicker. So yes, do not worry.